The story so far...


Communications Degree 🧑‍🎓

Earned my Bachelor's in Communications from the College of Staten Island.

A designer wandered into Web Development...

Frontend Developer @ The Charles 🧑‍💻

Started as an intern, then worked full-time as a Frontend Developer.

Gulp, SASS, JS, even JQuery.

A Frontend Developer wandered into Backend Development...


Computer Science Degree 🧑‍🎓

Left The Charles, started on my Bachelor's in Computer Science back at the College of Staten Island.

Indpendent study in Differential Geometry.

Learned about Graph Theory.

Minored in Math after learning I liked it.

Worked as a Computer Science Tutor.


UX Engineer @ Harbour ⛵️

After graduating with a Bachelor's in Computer Science in 2020, found Harbour on LinkedIn.

Vue, Python, and a team of rockstars.


??? 👨‍💻

Making coding easier for everyone.

Making products better for everyone.

Still learning.